How To Build Shortboard Skate

17/12/2018 How to Make a Surfboard. Making a surfboard requires a lot of patience, precision, and, of course, supplies. This is a meticulous, slow process and it is easy to make mistakes. On the other hand, the reward of owning a […]

How To Permanently Delete Pictures From Samsung Phone

Part 2. How to Permanently Delete All of Data on Android When you want to sell your phone out, or you are going to donate your old phone, the most important thing is to completely wipe the data on your phone before giving away. […]

How To Detect Cigarette Smoke In House

Smoke detectors that are specifically designed to detect cigarette smoke are also available that can catch someone in the act. Standard smoke detectors are usually not able to detect cigarette smoke and are ineffectual as a defence against cigarette smoking in the home. […]

How To Ask What The Wage Is

When it comes to knowing how to ask for a pay rise, youll need all your negotiating skills and tact to ensure the right outcome but a successful salary review doesnt just […]

How To Create Movie Poster Credits

Watch video · Now a few episodes back, you may recall I showed you how to create an Indiana Jones type treatment and I set it inside this kind of fake movie poster. Well, a friend of mine, Mordy Golding, looked at this and said, "You know, you can really do a number on those credits inside of Illustrator. […]

How To Delete Tv Shows From Iphone 7

14/01/2010 · Best Answer: There are two ways to accomplish this. First, navigate to the video list on the iPhone's iPod software. Drag your finger across a video's title from left to right and the red "Delete" button will appear, as if you were removing email messages. […]

Excel 2016 How To Change Axis Scale

There are many options for formatting changes which i encourage you to explore as with the chart le can change font type size the exle below shows a chart with three y two on left and one right each diffe scale where to position the y axis label there are many options for formatting changes which i encourage you to explore as with the chart le […]

How To Become A Concierge

Membership in Concierge Key is usually limited to American’s highest spenders and most frequent fliers. It’s so secret and exclusive that the airline doesn’t even list it on its website. […]

How To Download Microsoft Powerpoint 2013

This Course can only be played using a subscription. You can play only first 3 chapters for free. Click Here to avail a subscription This VTC course provides students with the knowledge and skills to use Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 for creating and making […]

How To Add Nintendont To Wii Home Screen

Using cfg usb loader r78 and nintendont r299 on 4.2 wii If I load nintendont from homebrew channel, pressing the home button returns to homebrew channel. Is it a nintendont […]

How To Draw A Cute Bat

How to Draw a Bat, Step by Step. Prev. Next. Step 1. Let us start by drawing the guidelines and shapes for our bat. Step 2. Up next, use the guides to draw in the bat's face including the huge ears. Detail the bat ears and draw in the fluff around the face. Step 3. Sketch in the fluff on the chest and then begin to draw the bat's body. Start with the torso and then work on the right bat wing […]

How To Build Strong Forearms

But we are on a journey to become strong AF and build a powerfully imposing physique. So it goes without saying that forearm training should be high on our list of iron house priorities. So it goes without saying that forearm training should be high on our list of iron house priorities. […]

How To Change Label Text Size On R

themes and element_text. When controlling elements such as the title, legend, axis labels, and so on, you use element_text, which has the same parameters, except that size is points (not mm), and instead of fontface, it uses face. […]

How To Change Colour Of Text In Wordpres

Steps to change the footer text. Log into the WordPress Dashboard. Click the Editor link on the Appearance section of the navigation to the left. On the right hand side, click the Footer link to edit the footer.php page. Find the code that displays the footer text at the bottom. The image to the right shows what the code looks like in the " Twenty Twelve" theme. Comment out the code for the […]

How To Add Struts2 Library In Eclipse Via Maven

Struts 2 - Environment Setup. Advertisements. Previous Page. Next Page . Our first task is to get a minimal Struts 2 application running. This chapter will guide you on how to prepare a development environment to start your work with Struts 2. I assume that you already have JDK (5+), Tomcat and Eclipse installed on your machine. If you do not have these components installed, then follow the […]

How To Add Credit Card Bmo

I would like to confirm that BMO does in fact perform a hard inquiry on your credit report, specifically Equifax, when you apply for a BMO Prepaid Mastercard. After requesting my free credit report (Thank you Mr. Dan Matan) I saw that there was an inquiry under "BMO M C NEW APP 1" so keep that in mind before you apply. On another note, this card takes a while to get. I applied on Jan 28th and […]

How To Draw A Lighthouse Youtube

Drawn lighthouse wave drawing - pin to your gallery. Explore what was found for the drawn lighthouse wave drawing Cape Arago Lighthouse, Oregon - YouTube Auto Draw 2: Crashing Wave, Cape Arago Lighthouse, Oregon How To Draw A Lighthouse Draw To Learn 9) Draw Ocean Waves Clouds Waves And Lighthouse Tattoos On Biceps - Tattoo Ideas 3d Clouds Waves And Lighthouse […]

How To Choose A Sofa Color

A cohesive, tonal color scheme generates a sense of openness and harmony, while a distinct contrast can overwhelm tight quarters. A sofa that pops out too much instantly seems heavy, he warns. […]

How To Create Vinyl Wall Decals

Cutting Vinyl Decals. The plotter cuts out the decal from the roll of vinyl loaded into it. The vector artwork is sent from the computer to the plotter through a production plugin. […]

How To Build A Zeppelin

A new trial will be held in a copyright dispute over Led Zeppelin's hit song 'Stairway to Heaven.' An earlier trial ruled in the band's favor, but an appeals court has now ruled the judge in that […]

How To Draw A Light Bulb Cartoon

Watercolor Painting, Light Bulb Painting, Watercolor Print, Bird, Paint Splatter, Light Bulb Art, Bird Print, Print titled, "Shattering" "Drawing Realistic Ears Unless you are a cartoon artist, drawing realistic ears is one of the the hardest parts of the human body you will ever learn to draw. Not because it is hard to draw - but." "ar--it is essential when drawing the ear to get the […]

How To Connect To Virtual Machine From Windows 7

This is related to a previous question. I have a machine with Windows 7 acting as a server and it hosts several virtual machines. One of them, a Debian Squeezy is acting as a PostgreSQL server and I want to add a ftp server in that same virtual machine (Note: the network adaptor is NAT). […]

How To Make A Game For Free No Download

BYOND is the premier community for making and playing online multiplayer games. As a player, enjoy hundreds of games created by our community, by people just like you. As a developer, make your own indie sensation with an easy-to-learn language, built-in online support, tools for developers, and plenty of articles and tutorials. […]

How To Buy Correct Shoe Size

11/02/2015 · The shoe size reference is based on Razer shoe sizing. If you’re unsure what size Razers you’d need, or plan on using another brand of open heeled horseshoe, please refer to the width and length in the size chart. […]

How To Cook Cornish Hens On Rotisserie Grill

Grill the hens, skin side down first, over direct heat, with the lid closed, until the skin is golden brown, 8 to 12 minutes, turning once, being careful not to tear the skin. 07 Slide the hens over indirect high heat and cook, skin side up, for 15 to 20 minutes. […]

How To Begin A Sentence Without Using I

Using 'And' or 'But' to begin a sentence is generally considered grammatically Incorrect.But there is no hard and fast rule in this regard. So, you can use 'And' or 'But' to begin a sentence. But avoid excessive use of these words to begin a sentence. Use these words in the beginning of a sentence onlywhen they really give strength to your language. […]

How To Become A Legal Guardian Of A Minor

Obtaining legal guardianship of a child in Texas, for example, requires several essential legal steps. Seek legal counsel if necessary to ensure success in your quest to secure guardianship of a minor. […]

How To Cancel Spotify Subscription On Itunes

If you have started your subscription via another company viz, iTunes, Broadband, Mobile network provider, you must contact them. Apple has a step by step guide on how to cancel subscriptions on iTunes. You can check who manages your subscription by logging into your account and checking your subscription tab. […]

How To Create A Cylinder In Autocad

Once again, create a box and cylinder with the same properties as the ones we created for the Union command. Now, place the center of the cylinder directly in the center of the box overall. Using the Subtract command, select the box first, hit enter, select the cylinder second, and then hit enter again. You have just taken the part of the cylinder that passes through the box and subtracted it […]

How To Use Clear App Ipad

4. How to clear cache on iPad of all apps. The best way to rid your iPad of all the cache is by using an application that is made specifically to deal with this problem. […]

How To Draw A Christmas Elf Wikihow

Christmas Pictures To Draw Christmas Present Coloring Pages Elf Drawings Christmas Signs Christmas Colors Christmas Elf Christmas Presents Christmas Crafts Xmas Forward How to draw a Christmas elf step by step. […]

How To Avoid The Copyright Problems In Youtube

You can put different audio in the video or speed up video little bit by 5% or so. Add your intro at starting or zoom video little bit. So, these manipulation can bypass YouTube algorithm but still if any owner of video come to know about it . […]

How To Become A Tush247 Subscriber

To continue your complimentary subscriber registration, please choose your organization type within the Commercial Card industry: Industry Provider Your organization provides Commercial Card products and services, including software, consulting, acquiring, issuing, network, technology and more. […]

How To Begin A Phone Interview

Phone Interview - Tip 13-- The Best Phone for Your Phone Interview Phone Interview - Tip 14 -- Your Phone Interview Voice Phone Interview - Tip 15 -- How to … […]

How To Delete Bars In Garageband

After reinstalling GarageBand or getting a new device, you can import a song from iCloud Drive to GarageBand on your device. On an iPhone or iPod touch, tap in the Control Bar, then tap My Songs. On an iPad, tap My Songs in the Control Bar. […]

How To Change Phone Buttons On S7 Edge

The users of the Galaxy S7 edge have reported the problem of non-response power button and touch the bottom of the screen and return this problem to some applications, although this problem is rare, but it can be exceeded if it happened to you by restarting the phone by pressing the power button and button Main (fingerprint button) together, the phone will be restarted and the buttons will […]

How To Draw Halloween Monsters

They looked good as craggy monster feet, so instead I painted them as is, with gnarly toes and all. My daughter was always borrowing them so I made a pair for her for her third birthday. She loved them in pink and purple. (Monsters can be pretty, you know.) This Halloween… […]

How To Jave Clean Anal Sex

19/09/2006 before anal sex cleaning. Discussion in 'Oral and Anal Sex' started by sourcedry, Jul 27, 2006. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > sourcedry Member. how do u prepare for anal sex? i mean do u take a poop before or after. do u have a bath? thanks sourcedry, Jul 27, 2006 #1. Chiefnut Member. An enema is a really good way to get you cleaned out before anal. I think the best way, but my opinion Chiefnut, Jul […]

How To Become A Pearl Consultant

17/05/2017 · Those prospects that want to learn how to become a vantel pearls consultant can get their questions answered by the support of the group. This cooperative effort creates a lot of leverage I that […]

How To Become A Stunt Performer In Bc

Plus, you might get paid a "stunt adjustment" that takes into account how dangerous the stunts are that you were asked to perform. Unfortunately, you can't just multiply that by 365, because it's often hard to get regular work doing this sort of thing. […]

How To Egr Delete 6.0

EGR Delete OK, youve already done the PCV bypass, now you want to delete the EGR too? As we said in the PCV by-pass, this is for off -road or non-emissions use only. While the PCV bypass is pretty simple, the EGR delete is a little more difficult mainly because the computer must have the EGR controls and sensors turned off. If you already have a chip, youll need to send it back for […]

How To Call 611 Telus Without Celluar Data

text messaging, call *611 or ask your business’s telecom administrator to set it up. Find out if your device settings allow you to turn data roaming “on” or […]

How To Close My Bank Account Temporarly

Individual bank account customers can freeze their own checking accounts using one of a variety of banking holds. Typically, deposits continue to come in, but certain types of […]

How To Create Hec Pakistan Account

To create your account, you need to enter your ID card number, region and Mobile number. After Adding your number you will get a code, that you need to enter in your form. After Adding your number you will get a code, that you need to enter in your form. […]

How To Cook Sirloin Steak Medium

A medium-cooked steak should have a thick band of light pink through the middle, but more browned than pink. The sides should be a rich brown color and the top and bottom charred darkly (but not black). This steak should have some play through the middle but feel firm to the touch. […]

How To Cook French Bread

Yeast aint so scary. On my continuing quest to make bread, I ventured into the world of french bread a while back. Im not sure how many of you own a bread machine but I […]

How To Change Face In Roblox Alone

There is a minor trick in which a user can change his/her face for free by replacing the image of the default face in the ROBLOX files; but it will only be seen by him/herself in-game. It will also change the face of other default face users in the game to display as the replaced face seen by the user. […]

How To Create A Fun Quiz

Step 3: Set up the login page. Now you can add a login page to your Quiz, or not. If you want to gather leads for your business, generate a leaderboard, control the number of Quiz attempts, and see the points each person got, you need to ask for some information from your players. […]

How To Ask Hr For Interview

On this page, youll find HR Interview Questions to help you get prepared. Depending on the company, you will either interview with a person from HR or the manager you would be working under. Its good to know this beforehand because HR interview questions […]

How To Change Wheel Bearing On Dodge Caravan

centric – premium wheel bearings Keep your wheels spinning ‘round and right with the secure fit and enduring performance of Centric’s Premium wheel bearings. Since 2000, Centric Parts has supplied the automotive aftermarket with high-quality replacement brake parts. […]

How To Create A Treasure Hunt Simulator

General Help Treasure Hunt Simulator Music Player Question (self.roblox) submitted 1 minute ago by GaryIWillFindYou So the other day this dude was playing this mad beat of a sick Caillou a remix - and so I was like how's he playing music I can hear […]

How To Change Slide Background In Powerpoint 2010

In PowerPoint 2010, you can mix and match the colors, To further customize your slides, you can change the background's color and texture by choosing a different background style. The available background styles will vary depending on the theme you're using. To apply a background style: From the Design tab, click the Background Styles command. Select the desired style. The new background […]

California Car Duster How To Clean

20/08/2017 · Ultra Premium Car Duster - Better Than The California Duster - Lint & Wax Free - Long Extendable Handle: Automotive By the way, the Ultra Premium Duster is worth the extra cost for me as it provides the extra reach I need for dusting the trucks and the microfiber materials seems to be of a noticeably higher quality than the California duster. […]

How To Clean Up My Iphone 6 Storage

How to Free Up Your iPhone Storage without Deleting Photos or Apps Tenorshare iCareFone is the top cleaning software for iPhone 7/SE/6s Plus/6s/6 Plus/6/5s/5c/5/4s/4 , which can do you a great favor on how to free up storage?space on your iPhone or iPad without having to delete?any apps, photos or other important files. […]

How To Download Dailymotion Videos On Android

Dailymotion is one of the most popular video apps you can find today. With a catalog of more than thirty million videos, it grows bigger every day with all kinds of content from every source you can imagine. […]

Wordpress How To Add Categories

Back to Administration Panels. Manage Categories. Next to the Manage Categories text at the top of this panel is an link to jump to the bottom of this panel to begin adding new Categories. […]

How To Change Spark Plug Subaru Xv Crosstrek 2014

This is a Genuine Subaru OEM part. This crush gasket goes on your oil drain plug to ensure a tight leak-free seal. Recommended for replacement anytime the drain plug is removed to ensure that you don't have any oil drips coming out of the drain plug. […]

How To Download Mount And Blade Mods

Download it from some site (I prefer TaleWorlds) and then find your downloaded folder, unzip it (if you have a bunch of files appearing just place. […]

How To Change Account Name On Ps4

13/01/2015 · I then downloaded the PC version and created a new account instead of using my existing one I created for PS4. Now I have 2 accounts and I cannot edit the field on PS4 to use the account I want. In fact, I deleted the extra account but it is still displayin in the login field. I spent all night trying to change it and using a new PS profile. Nothing worked. I want to play on PS4 using my […]

How To Build Up In Subnautica

It fills up in relatively real time, so if you're gone for a while, the base could be completely full, or if it ruptures while you're there, you might see what looks like an inch of water or so on the floor. I keep a charged welder with me at all times for these cases, and it's happened several times so far. […]

How To Connect Documents In Word

Home > Documents > Word > How to Add and Use the AutoText Function in Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010? How to Add and Use the AutoText Function in Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010. With Classic Menus and Toolbars; If you have not Classic Menu for Office 2010 and Classic Menu for Office 2007: AutoText is a quite practical function in Microsoft Word. By using the function, we can insert commonly-used […]

How To Connect Earphones To Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a standard for interfacing remote gadgets together like earphones, consoles, mice, speakers, smart-watches, wellness trackers, and significantly more. […]

How To Become A Tpt Seller

Over the next few weeks, we will be dishing out all of the juicy details about how to become a teacherpreneur! We will be looking in depth at how to start a blog, open your Teachers Pay Teachers store, and market through social media. Join us to make this summer your Teacherpreneur summer! […]

How To Buy Foreclosed Homes In Florida

7/02/2013 Topping the list of best places to buy foreclosures in 2013 was the Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville metro area in Florida with a total score of 394: 34 months supply of inventory, foreclosure sales representing 24 percent of all sales, average foreclosure discount of 28 percent, and a 308 percent increase in foreclosure activity in 2012 compared to 2011. […]

How To Avoid Ai Group Up In Civ 5

Corps & Armies: to prevent the inevitable explosion of units following the industrial era (as shown below), now you can group 2 or 3 units of the same type into a corps or army with increased strength making it easier to manage. […]

How To Create A New Folder In Outlook On Ipad

17/10/2008 · If using an IMAP account then additional folders may be created using Outlook, which will then be seen by the iphone. There is a "move" option on the iPhone which allows you to move messages to these other folders, but you still can't create the folders on the iPhone. […]

How To Become A Iptv Provider

Entrepreneurial Canadian IPTV service providers such as VMedia and Zazeen Inc, both in the Toronto market, are launching a new breed of competitive TV services that include a package of traditional pay TV channels with over-the-top Internet TV content in an effort to challenge incumbent cable, telco and satellite providers. […]

How To Download Vedio From Weather Chennel

The latest Tweets from The Weather Channel (@weatherchannel). Daily weather news, tidbits, video and alerts from The Weather Channel. #ItsAmazingOutThere. Atlanta, GA Daily weather news, tidbits, video and alerts from The Weather Channel. […]

How To Connect Jbl Flip 3 To Laptop

You can still connect your computer and the JBL Flip speaker via a 3.5mm audio cable. And now, the steps to connect the JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker to a computer. Step 1. Lift the slot cover on the back of the JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker to reveal a place where you can connect a micro-USB and 3.5mm audio cable. Step 2. Connect one end of a 3.5mm cable to the 3.5mm connect input. The 3.5mm […]

Samsung S8 How To Get Lock Screen To Appear

In the Samsung provide a bit of background, screen overlay is the system by which an app can overlay elements on top of other apps. If you have Ung Facebook, Cln Master, CM security, DU Power Saver, Wht, Prm etc whh have rn vrl. […]

For Honor How To Interrupt Guard Break

19/09/2016 · Guard break spam near ledges isn't the worst part, guard break spam in combat is its true power. If you just spam guard break as much as possible while you fight, it will punish players for pausing like humans and give you free damage; while forcing the other player to attack recklessly without thinking because if they stop you'll just guardbreak them. […]

How To Change My Schedule Availability At Old Navy

If this is your first time selecting an Apple Store, our product pages will display Available for pickup: Check availability. Click this link, enter the postcode or the town/city where you'd like to pick up the item, and click Search Stores to check availability. […]

How To Cook Calabaza Squash

The Best Calabaza Squash Recipes on Yummly Mashed Butternut Squash & Calabaza, Calabaza Squash With Golden Raisins And Pine Nuts, Cheese And Bacon Calabaza Squash Spread […]

How To Draw Simple Manga

Here is a very simple lesson on "how to draw an anime boy for kids", step by step. Drawing anime isn't just for older teens, it's also for kids that love drawing their favorite characters who also happen to be from anime. […]

How To Become A Dtr

As dietetics become more complex, the strong support of a DTR can optimize the work of an RD. One thing RDs may not be aware of is just how much a DTR can enhance their practice, says Corliss Cowan, DTR, chair-elect of the executive committee for the Dietetic Technicians in Practice Dietetic Practice Group (DTP DPG) of the American Dietetic Association (ADA). […]

How To Draw Splatter Paint Marks

The materials used to create a work of art, and the categorization of art based on the materials used (for example, painting [or more specifically, watercolor], drawing, sculpture). Glossary An element or substance out of which something can be made or composed. […]

How To Cook Minute Steaks With Gravy

12/04/2017 · Chicken Fried Steak with Homemade Milk Gravy is a great alternative to Canadian Prairie Home Fried Minute Steak. Easy, delicious, but not so nutritious! Easy, delicious, but … […]

How To Decide Whether To Stay In A Relationship

"So they stay in this relationship where they're undervalued or unloved. I've even known couples who've been in almost hostile situations. We get used to all sorts of stuff." I've even known couples who've been in almost hostile situations. […]

How To Create A Dmz Network

Make sure your routing devices for VLAN's have ACLS to restrict access from your DMZ network to your private network. We've used ACL's in the firewalls , routers AND on the OS level. May seem like overkill but if one fails the other will catch it. […]

How To Draw Easy Mining Equipment

29/07/2015 · Learn how to draw a minion with us. Here's also the link to the official Minion movie website, where you can reference other minion images HOW TO DRAW A ICE CREAM EASY STEP BY STEP - Duration […]

How To Become Mature Person

Maturity is a complex situation for both male and female. Sometimes, a young kid acts like a mature person, on the other hand, some old persons acts like a child. […]

How To Cook Chicken Curry Step By Step

Chicken curry recipe without coconut, learn how to make simple and easy chicken gravy with step by step photos. Served with rice or roti Served with rice or roti Skip to content […]

How To Add A Username To A Facebook Page

1 Add a Username to a Facebook Business Page; 2 Link to an External Site on a Facebook Fan Page; 3 Create a Link in a Facebook Status Update; 4 Make Website Links Show Up on Facebook… […]

How To Add Wide Screen Black Bars In Youtube

Add an end screen. Open the Videos page in YouTube Studio beta and select a video. From the left menu, select Editor. Select Add an end screen. Creator Studio Classic instructions. Sign in to YouTube. In the top right, click your account icon Creator Studio. In the left menu, select Video Manager Videos. For the video you want to add the end screen to, click Edit. In the top tab bar, click End […]

How To Change My Twitter Profile Background

Its worth mentioning that the profile backgrounds of Twitters past are completely obsolete. You may still see your old twitter background but no one else does. You may still see your old […]

How To Change Your Resume For Each Job

Watch video · Another key to passing the bot test is tailoring your resume to include some of the keywords or skills from each job posting. If you’re unsure of … […]

How To Build A Stair Case

Make sure all of the step risers are the same height, and all the step treads the same width to avoid a tripping hazard. The rise of each step is determined by the height of the landing from the ground, with each step height from 7? to 8? high. […]

How To Change Default Emails In Gmail

If you often exchange group emails in Gmail, setting Reply All as your default reply setting can help ensure that no one is ever left out of the conversation. To enable this feature, sign in to your Gmail account, click the gear button, and then... If you often exchange group emails in Gmail, setting Reply All as your default reply setting can help ensure that no one is ever left out of the […]

How To Change Fog Bulbs On A 17 F150

サイトマップ; テールライト 2006-2008 Ford F150 FX4 Fog Lights 3rd Brake Lamp Headlamps Tail SMD Assembly 2006-2008フォードF150 FX4フォグライト第3ブレーキランプヘッドランプテールSMDアセンブリ 車用品・バイク用品 >> 車用品 >> パーツ >> ライト・ランプ >> テールライト […]

How To Cut Chicken Tenderloins

What others are saying "The best oven fried chicken - Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and baked right in the oven for easy cleanup. pretty easy to make, and good flavor. […]

How To Change Blade On Dewalt Utility Knife

This utility knife is perfect for men and women and is made of heavy-duty steel blade for sturdiness and durability. The handle is made of a non-slip material for the best grip and safety. […]

How To Choose A Style Of Glasses

How to Choose the Right Style of Eyeglasses Friday, December 15th, 2017, 6:55 am. Eyeglasses are an accessory that have the ability to make a great first impression. […]

How To Create A Tattoo Idea

Having each other’s names tattooed on the same part of the body is a great idea for couples. A woman may incorporate flowers into a name so that the tattoo would look more refined. […]

How To Buy Cars In Gta V

17/11/2013 · Ok so I don't really understand what the difference is between buying a car and upgrading it and then stealing a car and upgrading it and putting it in your garage. […]

How To Delete Meetme Account Permanently

Today we are going to share how to delete dream11 account permanently. There are so many people search on internet about dream 11 account delete kaise kare. Now can easily delete dream11 account permanently without login and password. […]

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